Featured Entertainment

Live Music, Nightly Dancing & Fire Central

We're Going All out with the Entertainment at Spirit of the Road 2020!

There will be something for everyone, but most of all, you'll have a great time and make a ton of new friends. The Music Hall will host LIVE music and dancing each night with a full bar and table service. For those that crave a more quiet and intimate gathering place, Fire Central will host Charlie Smith's Fire Sculptures each night. Master Classes will be delivered by some extraordinary and gifted presenters during the day, along with discussion groups, seminars, demonstrations and some great vendors. There will also be free Ice cream from 11-4pm, every day, for everyone. (Yay!)

Our featured concert entertainment is Tracy Grammer. We are proud to bring one of contemporary folk music's most beloved artists to Spirit of the Road 2020!



Tracy Grammer

LIVE In Concert

Tracy Grammer

From her "Flower of Avalon" 2005 Signature Sounds Recording.
This is the first full-length album by Tracy Grammer since the sudden passing of her "partner in all things" Dave Carter. The tracks, with one exception are Dave's unrecorded songs. If you have not heard the music of Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer you have a lot of catching up to do.


“Tracy is a brilliant artist… Her voice is distinctive and beautiful, as is her mastery over the instruments she plays.” – JOAN BAEZ

TRACY GRAMMER is one of contemporary folk music’s most beloved artists. Renowned for her pure, emotive vocals, perfectly intoned violin, and guitar playing that is by turns percussive and delicate, Grammer is also a gifted storyteller whose incantations add a rare mixture of vulnerability, intimacy, and hard-won insight to her performances. As one fan puts it, “With Tracy, it’s never just about the music; it’s a soul journey.” And what a journey it has been. We are excited to bring you Tracy Grammer in concert!



The Firebirds

big Evening Gatherings - Every Night!

CLICK TO PLAY VIDEO - The Firebirds at the RVillage Rally 2.0 - “Spirit Of The Road”


These one-of-a-kind hand forged giant fire sculptures are exquisitely beautiful in their design and function. They were built to create a soft place to land at the end of a fun-filled day to visit with friends. The “Firebirds” will be filled with wood at dusk every night. The steel becomes so hot that they begins to glow and can warm the large crowd around them so we can gather together comfortably throughout the evening.

We are extremely honored and fortunate to have our dear friend and artist, Charlie Blackcat Smith, bring these exquisite works of art of his to our event. Charlie, along with his Sparceland Studios crew give us an amazing gift at The Spirit Of The Road. They bring the gift of a warmth and an inviting place for all of us to gather …every night. Thank you Charlie and crew!



Live Music and Dancing

live music and dancing - Every Night!