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Spirit of the Road is proud to be offering masterclasses from RV industry experts on a wide variety of subjects.


Mike Sokol

Masterclass: 3 Courses on RV electricity

Mike Sokol is an RVers dream information resource when it comes to understanding RV electrical issues. In addition to writing thousands of technology articles for dozens of magazines over the last 30 years, he’s also taught hundreds of seminars around the country on a variety of technologies including RV electrical safety. All of Mike's RV electrical articles are published on and and his seminars on the subject are world class. His presentations were some of the most popular and highly rated at RVillage Rally One and 2.0. We’re excited to have him join us at Spirit of the Road 2020.


Bob Wells

Masterclass: Philosophy on Nomadic Living

We are honored to have Bob with us at Spirit of the Road 2020 as he does very limited appearances. Bob is the founder of Cheap RV Living and Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. Bob co-founded the non-profit, Homes on Wheels Alliance. Bob’s masterclass will focus on the philosophy on nomadic living and is sure to include many boondocking tips and tricks.

“I’m an introvert,” he said softly. “You’re an introvert. So what are we doing here?”
Mr. Wells nodded and asked all the introverts in the crowd to raise their hands. Mostly everyone did.
“Good question,” Mr. Wells said. “Why have we driven thousands of miles to be together? It’s because we need each other so much. Even the most introverted of us knows that. We’re looking for like-minded people who will let us be our authentic selves. Together, at a distance. Humans are funny things. Don’t worry. You’ll be alone again soon.”

-Penelope Green, The New York Times


…and more to come!