Master Classes


Spirit of the Road is proud to be offering Master Classes from at least two notable experts in their field.


Mike Sokol

Mike Sokol is an RVer’s dream information resource when it comes to understanding RV electrical issues. He has taught hundreds of seminars around the country on a variety of technologies including RV electrical safety. Mike has the ability to teach in a way that is fun and informative, but also can deliver this complicated yet important information in a way that is easy for everyone to understand!




Part I - Hot Skin Voltages
(90 minutes)

• What is Voltage?
• What is Current?
• What is Hot-Skin/Stray-Voltage?
• Testing Methods for Hot-Skin Voltage
• Using a Non-Contact Voltage Tester
• Outlet Testing Basics Using a Digital Meter
• Testing 30 and 50 amp Pedestal Outlets
• Dogbone adapters
• Grounding Issues and Advanced Testing
• Safety Considerations Around Electricity

Part II - Campground Power & Surge Protectors
(90 minutes)

• What is a Campground Pedestal?
• How to Plug and Unplug Safely
• Over and Under-Voltage Pedestal Demonstration
• Wiring a Campground Pedestal Wiring from Pole to Outlets
• Why Do 30-amp Shore Power Plugs Melt?
• Pedestal Miswiring Dangers Including 30-amp Dryer Outlets
• Pedestal Open-Neutral Danger and Dangers
• Available wattage from 20, 30 and 50-amp outlets
• Pedestal Diagnostics Using a Ground Loop Impedance Tester
• Voltage-Surge Definition and Dangers
• Surge Protector Theory and Selection
• Basic and EMS/Advanced Surge Protector Demonstrations
• RV Wiring Maintenance
• Transfer Switch Operation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Part III - Generators, Inverters, Batteries, and Solar
(90 minutes)

• Portable Generator Selection, Hookup, Grounding and Bonding
• Transfer Switch Basics, Operation and Troubleshooting
• Inverter Types, Selection and Troublshooting
• Converter/Charger Types, Selection and Troublshooting
• Battery Selection Including Flooded Cell, AGM and Lithium
• Multi-Battery Hookup and Isolation Systems
• DC to DC Charging Systems Between TV and RV
• Solar Panel Selection and Integrating Into Charging Systems
• Solar System Capacities Needed for Residential Refrigerators


Bob Wells

We are deeply honored and fortunate to have Bob Wells join all of us at Spirit of the Road 2020. Bob is the celebrated founder of the very popular: Cheap RV Living website and is also the founder of their world renowned annual event, The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous which has spawned a movement of nomadic lifestyle seekers. Bob also is the co-founder of the non-profit, Homes on Wheels Alliance.